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Plugins for Panotour by Alexander Popov

Hi! I'm Alexander, a keen photographer and developer. I’m passionate about panoramic photography and Krpano development. Since Panotour Pro 2 was released I started to create custom Panotour plugins for my clients. Now I've rolled up all of my developer and Panotour experience to provide useful, customizable plugins for other users of Panotour Pro.
Please feel free to contact me and tell me whether you've enjoyed using my plugins, how you're implementing them, your experience so far, any features that you'd like to see included in the next release.

Below is a list of my available plugins and any support information related to them.
Notifications - Panotour Plugin


Helps you to create pano-specific messages or buttons using your graphic files. Use actions to display or hide them and also interact with your virtual tour. The plugin has an option to display notifications with a click on a hotspot, when displayed it sticks to the hotspot and rotates with a panorama.

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Start Screen - Panotour Plugin

Start Screen

With the Start Screen, you can enhance the moment of a user's first impression of your virtual tour. The highly-customisable HTML screen can be any color, display images or use a slider with images and video. Display Start Screen while your virtual tour is initializing or loading.

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Sidebar - Panotour Plugin


Sidebar plugin extends a virtual tour with the user interface that automatically organizes panoramas and groups in a scrollable list with names and thumbnails. The plugin allows a great customization and quick usage with user's presets.

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Tour Access - Panotour Plugin

Tour Access

This tool helps to password protect a virtual tour. It is useful when uploading and testing the tour on your own or on your client's website if the work is unfinished and not ready to be made public or if you just want to invite someone to see your work privately.

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Spot Range - Panotour Plugin

Spot Range

The plugin adds the ability to interact with hotspots in a new way. Create active ranges instead of hotspots to bring the new user experience into the tour. Turn sets of hotspots in invisible or active with many options just by slightly changing the style name. Compatible with VR mode.

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Top Menu - Panotour Plugin

Top Menu

Top Menu is a feature rich, category oriented user interface, it helps you to orginize groups and panoramas by categories, which represented as icons. Use Edit Mode to fine tune the "look and feel" of the menu right in the virtual tour without rebuilding it after every change.

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