The Sidebar plugin extends a virtual tour with a user interface that automatically organizes panoramas and groups in a scrollable list with names and thumbnails. The plugin allows extensive customization, yet permits quick usage with the user's preset parameters. Just add Sidebar to your project in Panotour Pro and your tour will be ready to be built.

Look at the tours using the Sidebar:
Zephyr Palace by Roger Castillo,    Modrzewie Park Hotel by Lukasz Lisiecki,    #Dresden360 by Christoph Simon,
Aquabello by Geert Casier,    Bonvital Wellness by,    Hotel Esplanade by Zennsfoto,    Hotel Alhambra by Zennsfoto,    Azuri by View Panorama 360

Compatibility: Panotour Pro 2.5.12 (HTML5)


See all features with description in the documentation


Set color, opacity, image, size and position of Sidebar elements. Display following contents inside Sidebar: Menu, panorama name, panorama description, project description, Two logos, Up to 10 buttons.


Different setting for optional behavior of Sidebar or its elements, depending on tour events, selected menu type and devices.


Panoramas automatically organized into a highly customizable menu, using names and thumbnails from the project. Menu types available: 1) Menu with thumbnails container. 2) Hierarchical menu with thumbnails. Using the Hierarchical menu it is possible to set custom menu items and unlimited subgroups.


Plugin settings organized to groups which can be displayed or hidden for ease of using. A predefined default style, ready for quick use. Easily switch between menu types.

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