Spot Range

The plugin adds the ability to interact with hotspots in a new way. Create active ranges instead of hotspots to bring a new user experience into the tour. Turn sets of hotspots in invisible or active with many options just by slightly changing the style name. Spot range plugin can be optionally activated on selected devices in Standard or/and VR mode.

Look at the tours using the Spot Range:
Villa Ana Rita by Rajko Mrvos   

Compatibility: Panotour Pro 2.5.12 (HTML5, Standard and VR modes)


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Two types of activity - Invisible and Active, which performs some behavior when the view gets in the active range of the hotspot. Invisible - custom image indicates (changes state) when the view gets in/out of the range, different behavior in VR mode, optionally autoload scene when in the range. Active - switch or tween the width, height, opacity, url, rotation of hotspots when in the range, it's possible to keep active state and display tooltips. Show different images over the hotspot in VR or Standard mode. Set click on images to load a new pano and optionally use panorama thumbnails as images. The plugin works on devices of your choise (desktop/Tablet/Mobile) in Standard or VR Mode.


To activate spot range behavior for the selected style of hotspots, just add the appropriate characters to the end of the style name. Enable the use of the behavior (Invisible or Active) to see all the settings for it. There are some separate settings for VR mode and some helpful settings for position, tween etc.

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