Start Screen

With the Start Screen, you can enhance the moment of a user's first impression of your virtual tour. The highly-customisable HTML screen can display background image, slider with images, html5 video. The plugin appears before the initializing of a virtual tour and hides the starting of the loading process. Compatible with default HTML templates of Panotour Pro.

Here is an example with Start Screen:
ALMA 360 Degree Panorama 1    ALMA 360 Degree Panorama 2

Compatibility: Panotour Pro 2.5.12 (HTML5, templates: fullpage.html, generic.html )


See all features with description in the documentation


Start Screen can be set of any size and position (basically 100% size). You can select to display any color with opacity, background image, slider with images and ability to play videos, html5 video as a background. Add title, that can be customised with fonts from Google fonts directory. Use prepared css loading animations or add animated gifs.


Start screen can be hidden automatically or by clicking on button (image). There are several events for hiding the Start screen, or show the hide-button: When the tour is initialized, when the tour is loaded, after specified amount of time, when video ended (using html5 video background). There is possibility to set actions that will be executed after the Start screen is hidden and the tour is visible.

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