Tour Access

This tool helps to password protect a virtual tour. It is useful when uploading and testing the tour on your own or on your client's website if the work is unfinished and not ready to be made public or if you just want to invite someone to see your work privately.

Here is an example with Tour Access:
Aykuay, Khibiny mountains (Login data: abc / 123)

Compatibility: Panotour Pro 2.5.5 (HTML5)


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In the protected tour the user only sees a colored overlay and a login form to enter the tour. The overlay can be of any color and transparency. There are several predefined login form styles, and the ability to setup your own css style as well. Ability to create login form templates in different languages.


Compatible with default HTML templates of Panotour Pro. You can use several different login/password pairs for one tour. To protect login data the plugin requires you to enable the option "encrypt XML files" in Panotour Pro. Tour Access makes it impossible to explore the virtual tour without having logged in. However, it cannot protect you from hackers, so for something really "top secret" server-side protection should be used (which, incidentally, also does not fully protect ;) ).

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